Be Free of Anxiety in the New Year with Hypnosis

Do you have an anxiety, fear, or phobia that you’ve been struggling with? Have you decided this is the year to take back control? Congratulations!! That’s awesome!! Did you know that hypnosis can help you achieve that goal?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Fear is a basic human emotion that has been used as an internal guide to protect us for centuries, but when it wobbles out of control it can affect our lives negatively. Phobias are continual unfounded fears with regard to specific material items or circumstances. And while anxiety is a normal human emotion individuals suffering from anxiety disorders may not be able to lead a normal life.
  2. All three: anxiety disorders, fears, and phobias are actually fairly common. A significant percentage of the population suffers from some form of fear every day.
  3. Hypnotherapy works by gaining access to the fundamental root of the problem and eliminating the person’s (unwanted) conditioned response to the stimulus.
  4. The number of hypnosis sessions needed to make significant progress may vary depending upon an individual’s history, maturity, personality, and the individual’s drive to be rid of the phobia.
  5. Some of the most common conditions hypnosis may help are agoraphobia, fear (of change, failure, or success), panic attacks, and stage fright.

Let’s face it. Fears and phobias can absolutely impact the quality of your life in a negative fashion. They can hold you back from attaining your highest potential. But just imagine what it could feel like next year at this time if you were fear and phobia free!

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Don’t go it alone……. Plan for your success! Be free of your fears in 2016 with Dan Vitchoff’’s powerful and effective 33 MethodTM Hypnosis!

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