Be Free of Anxiety in the New Year with Hypnosis

Do you have an anxiety, fear, or phobia that you’ve been struggling with? Have you decided this is the year to take back control? Congratulations!! That’s awesome!! Did you know that hypnosis can help you achieve that goal?

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Fear is a basic human emotion that has been used as an internal guide to protect us for centuries, but when it wobbles out of control it can affect our lives negatively. Phobias are continual unfounded fears with regard to specific material items or circumstances. And while anxiety is a normal human emotion individuals suffering from anxiety disorders may not be able to lead a normal life.
  2. All three: anxiety disorders, fears, and phobias are actually fairly common. A significant percentage of the population suffers from some form of fear every day.
  3. Hypnotherapy works by gaining access to the fundamental root of the problem and eliminating the person’s (unwanted) conditioned response to the stimulus.
  4. The number of hypnosis sessions needed to make significant progress may vary depending upon an individual’s history, maturity, personality, and the individual’s drive to be rid of the phobia.
  5. Some of the most common conditions hypnosis may help are agoraphobia, fear (of change, failure, or success), panic attacks, and stage fright.

Let’s face it. Fears and phobias can absolutely impact the quality of your life in a negative fashion. They can hold you back from attaining your highest potential. But just imagine what it could feel like next year at this time if you were fear and phobia free!

Dan Vitchoff has become known for excellence in Mental Training and Hypnosis. His patented and trademarked 33 MethodTM Mental Training and Performance Coaching techniques drew National and International Media attention after being used by Vincent Hancock and Glenn Eller to win Olympic Gold. The 33 MethodTM is a unique combination of sports psychology, mental training, hypnosis, visualization, and imagery paired with specific types of soothing music and brain wave technology to help athletes, entertainers and business executives focus their mental energy. Vitchoff also uses the 33 MethodTM to help clients lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce anxiety in his Pittsburgh Hypnosis Center.

Don’t go it alone……. Plan for your success! Be free of your fears in 2016 with Dan Vitchoff’’s powerful and effective 33 MethodTM Hypnosis!

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33 Method and Dan Vitchoff Reviews

Serenity can be acheived through PA Hypnosis and the 33 Method
As you might have guessed, we often rely on reviews to get great web referrals. Being that the 33 Method by Dan Vitchoff is available only at the PA Hypnosis Center of Pittsburgh, there are many people out there that have tried hypnosis for weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety and much more without success. That’s where the 33 Method becomes crucial.

By using the 33 Method as a hypnosis program you gain much more than an other program. As a Pittsburgh area resident, you have it right in your own back yard! This is exciting news to people who are struggling to lose weight, or even those that have tried over and over again to stop smoking. There is now an answer.

With our many success-stories, we still need to reach out to the many others that haven’t come across Dan Vitchoff’s 33 Method or even just the PA Hypnosis Center.

We ask you to try with our FREE consultation. You will see the true impact of this revolutionary type of hypnosis – one that unlocks your brain and puts you in charge of what you can and cannot do. This is really a success story for life. After you see the results, visit our Facebook and share with us. Post on sites like Yelp and CitySearch and share how powerful it is! 33 Method and Dan Vitchoff reviews with clients that have felt that positive impact are constantly popping up, we hope to see your name in the lights soon.

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New Years Resolutions Made Easy! Lose Weight Quit Smoking with Hypnosis

It’s that time again, the time of year when many Pittsburgh residents join their fellow Americans in making New Year’s Resolutions!  Year after year millions of people resolve to lose weight, quit smoking or reduce stress in their lives only to find themsleves making the same resolution the following year.  It is time to stop focusing on making New Year’s Resolutions and start focusing on keeping them.  Making the resolution is easy but keeping it has always been a different story.  Hypnosis can help you keep your New Year’s Resolution and put yourself on the path to health and success.

Dan Vitchoff, MS Ed., CHt. is a Board Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapist and President of PA Hypnosis Center.  He and his Associate Hypnotherapist, Catie Dolgos, CHt. have helped thousands of people reach their goals with hypnosis.  Hypnosis can help you make positive permenant lifestyle changes such as helping you eliminate cravings for chocolate, sweets and junk foods;put an end to night time eating or stress eating, gain greater control over your eating habits and behaviors and develop a natural desire and motivation to eat healthier foods and become more active.  Whether you resolve to lose weight, exercise more reguarly, quit smoking or chewing, reduce stress or overcome a specific fear, phobia or destructive  habit, PA Hypnosis Center can design a hypnosis program specifically for you that can help you keep your New Year’s Resolution.  Please call 724-934-8446 to schedule your FREE Consultation and Evaluation Today or visit

New Years Resolutions:Don’t Become Just Another Statistic

New Year’s Resolutions Made Easy






Discover the secret to making and being able to keep  your New Year’s Resolutions!


Starting the new year is always the perfect time to reflect on your past and look forward to what your future holds.  Many of our readers have a long history of making and breaking New Year’s resolutions.  The average number of times that a person makes the same resolution is 10 and over 25% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within the first three months. If kept, just a single resolution can make such a profound and positive difference in your life.

 Aside from spending more time with family and friends, the four most popular New Year’s resolutions are to exercise more, lose weight, quit smoking and reduce anxiety and stress.  Despite even the best intentions, most people are not able to make long-term lifestyle changes on their own.  Many people have a long history of yo-yo dieting; losing weight only to gain it back or maybe they have tried just about everything to quit smoking and nothing has worked for them.  The truth of the matter is that Resolutions can be kept and PA Hypnosis Center’s Individualized Hypnosis Programs can help.  Dan Vitchoff is one of the nation’s leading Hypnotherapists and the President of PA Hypnosis Center, he discovered the benefits of Hypnosis years ago while in college at Point Park University and since has dedicated himself and his practice to helping others make positive changes in their lives with Hypnosis.   

 Hypnosis has been proven to be the single most effective tool for behavior modification and lifestyle change.  Dan Vitchoff and Catie Dolgos can help you identify specific behaviors and patterns that are standing in your way of reaching your goals.  Once you have identified the behaviors and patterns that you would like to change, hypnosis can help you replace the old unfavorable habits with more positive and healthy behaviors and patterns.  For example, if you would like to lose weight and you find yourself having cravings for sweets, hypnosis can help you eliminate cravings for things like cookies, cakes, brownies, ice cream and chocolate. 

Do not let yourself become just another statistic. Call the PA Hypnosis Center today and when the clock stricks midnight on January 1st, 2010, be able to say loud and proud what your resolution is and know that you WILL be able to reach your goals. 7 2 4 – 9 3 4 – 8 4 4 6 !!

World Hypnotism Day is January 4th, 2010

World Hypnotism Day, January 4th, was established to help educate the general public of the truth and benefits the timeless and natural process of hypnotism has to offer anyone.  Movies and books of fiction have warped the perception of hypnosis, which is why World Hypnotism Day is a necessity in order for more people to understand the truth and use this natural, expedient and effective process for personal change.  On World Hypnotism Day, and days before and after January 4th, hypnotism professionals around the world combine their efforts presenting free and low cost events in their area to promote hypnotism and help the general public become more aware of hypnosis and the benefits it offers any individual desiring personal change.

PA Hypnosis Center will be celebrating World Hypnotism Day with a Saturday Open House on Saturday, January 16th, 2010!  All participants will receive a FREE Consultation and Evaluation with one of our Certified and Licensed Hypnotherapists!  Discover how easy it can be for you to lose weight, quit smoking and make positive changes in your life with hypnosis! 

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