Couple hasn’t smoked in 6 years since using the 33 Method.

We always share stories about how effective the 33 Method is to quit smoking, but this story if more of a “where are they now?” We got a call in the office the other day from a man who’s story is remarkable. He and his Wife came to see Dan over 6 years ago, and they haven’t smoked since! Their story is below, YOU can be the next success story! Call today for a free consultation 724-934-8446. 



So satisfied, it really worked

PA Hypnosis Center was wonderful. My wife and I haven’t smoked for six years since our three, one hour sessions with Daniel. I was smoking two to three packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day. I really didn’t believe that it would work. We were supposed to do five sessions, but because we lived so far away he shortened it to three. That was enough though; we were both amazed. They were friendly, professional, and helpful. We were always comfortable there, and they treated us great. Their customer service is great. They returned my calls and answered my questions promptly. They also gave us tips and provided explanations of the treatment. It was overall a great experience, and we were very impressed. I want to call him every day to thank him.