Enhancing Sports Performance with Hypnosis

You may have heard of performance anxiety but have you heard of performance enhancement? While both of these may be addressed with hypnosis there is a distinct difference.…. Performance anxiety is that “frozen” feeling you get just when you need a steady flow of confidence most. Performance enhancement, on the other hand, is really the next level beyond. The goal with performance enhancement is to elevate an individual’s performance to peak levels or restore previous performance levels that may have been compromised due to physical injury.

At one time or another we’ve all experienced that effortless “in the zone” feeling. Many people mistakenly believe that the less anxiety involved, the better they perform. Not necessarily so. It has been proven that different individuals need different levels of stress in order to perform well, meaning that each individual has their own zone of optimal function.

Since it is vital to be able to recognize and assess an individual’s zone of optimal function, hypnotic age regression is a great help.  In this scenario the individual is hypnotically regressed to the troublesome performance/incident and then describes anything they may have noticed that could shed light on the problematic situation at hand.

Hypnosis may also be used as a performance-enhancing technique. Performance-enhancing techniques fall into two categories: active (meditation, mental imagery feedback, mnemonics, neurofeedback, speed reading) and passive (audio and visual cortical entrainment, sleep learning, subliminal training). Hypnosis offers both active and passive forms of intervention and can actually magnify the results of any these techniques which may already be in use. Hypnosis can be useful with regard to ego strengthening, mental rehearsal, and increasing inner strength.

These same principles not only apply to individuals in the sports world, but also individuals in the performing arts, academia, and anyone who is seeking effortless, exuberant superiority in their chosen field.

Dan Vitchoff has become known for excellence in Mental Training and Hypnosis. His patented and trademarked 33 MethodTM Mental Training and Performance Coaching techniques drew National and International Media attention after being used by Vincent Hancock and Glenn Eller to win Olympic Gold. The 33 MethodTM is a unique combination of sports psychology, mental training, hypnosis, visualization, and imagery paired with specific types of soothing music and brain wave technology to help athletes, entertainers and business executives focus their mental energy. Vitchoff also uses the 33 MethodTM to help clients lose weight, stop smoking, and reduce anxiety in his Pittsburgh Hypnosis Center.

Don’t go it alone……. Plan for mastery in your chosen field! Start enhancing your performance with Dan Vitchoff’’s powerful and effective 33 MethodTM Hypnosis!

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