How Hypnosis Helps You Keep the Weight Off

Most individuals are aware that healthy eating habits and regular exercise are not only good for them, but will benefit them in the future with decreased health risks and increased self-esteem. Even so, it has been estimated that only 20% of individuals who are overweight and have been successful in weight loss manage to maintain their success long term.

As was suggested in the last post, hypnosis not only helps you take off the initial pounds, it can help you keep them off.

Initially it is important to address any physical circumstances that may put one at risk for weight gain. These may include:

Antibiotic exposure which alters the quality of one’s gut bacteria

Exposure to chemicals including bisphenol A, DDT, and phthalates


Hormonal conditions such as Cushing’s Disease, hypothyroidism, and PCOS,

Lack of quality sleep which affects insulin and other hormones that impact appetite, eating behaviors, and weight gain.

Lifestyle patterns: eating too much, making unhealthy food choices, and moving too little

Medications including some antidepressants, anti-seizure medicines, and corticosteroids

Prenatal factors such as gestational diabetes, maternal overweight, and maternal smoking

Each of these may be addressed with hypnosis.

Hypnosis can:

Develop an “ally” of sorts to support you in making challenging, but necessary changes

Enhance self-confidence using motivational language

Assist in creating a clear picture of a future goal that has been achieved and access the subsequent positive feelings one might have

Access and work with the part of your unconscious that is willing to make a change

Ease any existing anxiety due to change

Help you recognize why you may have needed to use weight as a tool.

Reassign the previous “need” for eating as something that is no longer relevant

Help you “see” your new, healthier tools for coping with stressful situations

Aid in making the use of your new tools more automatic by mentally practicing their usage

In short, hypnosis – under the guidance of a qualified professional – can act as a very powerful tool in your quest to not only lose those extra pounds, but keep them off for many years to come.


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