Hypnosis and Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Happy Holidays!!!

If you’ve been keeping up with our Holiday Weight Loss posts you’ve read about the studies and seen the numbers that support the usage of hypnosis regarding weight loss. Certainly hypnosis is a great tool resulting in extremely good results!

With major Holiday meals just ahead, how about a few strategies to add to your healthy eating game plan? Here are the Top Seven:

Teresa lost ten pounds after her first session with Dan Vitchoff's 33 Mefhod.
Teresa lost ten pounds after her first session with Dan Vitchoff’s 33 Mefhod.

No Meal Skipping

Eating sensibly and lightly on the day of a Holiday party will take the edge off your appetite and keep it off.

Wear Streamlined Clothing

If your clothes fit you well (or are even a bit snug) you’ll be more apt to pay attention to your food intake out of sheer concern for comfort.

Location, Location, Location

Make sure you position yourself well out of reach (and maybe even eyesight) of the munchies. Don’t succumb to mindless munching.

Choose Wisely

Yes, those appetizers look and smell delicious, but try to make healthy choices: fruit, veggies (sans dip), a small portion of nuts (nuts are a source of satisfying protein).

Be a Snob 

A food snob, that is. Scan the buffet or Holiday table and take note of the foods you truly love. You’re not obligated to try everything just because it’s there. Focus on the goodies that aren’t available every day and that will make you feel special. 

Trim the Trimmings 

Be sure to pay attention to those extras that really don’t add that much flavor, but add additional calories: nuts, cheese, cream sauces, gravy, butter, and whipped cream.  

Be Mindful

Really concentrate on your food even before you put it in your mouth. Focus on the colors and aromas, then the taste and texture. Truly savor your Holiday favorites!

Remember: Don’t beat yourself up if you splurge a bit. Just get back to healthy food choices and your regular workout as soon as you can. And don’t forget to call Dan for your hypnosis appointment! You’ll be back on track in no time and feel great!!!!

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