Hypnosis Can Help You Win in the Battle Against Junk Food

junk food 


food that has low nutritional value, typically produced in the form of packaged snacks needing little or no preparation.1


Junk food…. we hear the term often enough but have you ever really assessed your diet to see how much of your intake might actually fall into the “junk food” category?

Almost everyone’s diet includes some junk food. It’s the junk food ratio to healthy nutritious food we need to be concerned with. Why? Large quantities of empty calories can lead to weight gain at the very least and poor health if carried to an extreme.

So what to do? Well the obvious answer is to cut back on that junk food intake. The problem is it’s not as easy as it sounds (If it was, everyone could do it!)

The good news is that hypnosis can be a very real option in helping you change your eating patterns and cut back on your junk food intake, no matter how, why, when, or where you began your unhealthy pattern of junk food eating. Rather than focusing on the “why” you are eating junk food, hypnotherapy focuses on the “how” you are thinking about junk food. Very simply put, it answers the question of what junk food means to you and how that meaning can be changed so that you start making informed, healthy decisions with regard to your food choices.

And once you gain an understanding of how you observe junk food, on average, within a minimal number of sessions, your eating patterns will change painlessly and significantly. Just imagine craving carrot sticks and whole grains as opposed to those greasy burgers and fries! Sound too good to be true? Not so! With the help of hypnosis, you too can become a former junk food lover with more energy and vitality than you could have imagined!


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Don’t try to wean yourself off of junk food alone……. Plan for your success! Start losing your junk food cravings with Dan Vitchoff’’s powerful and effective 33 MethodTM Hypnosis!

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1 “junk food.” Merriam-Webster’.com. http://www.merriam-webster.com (24 March 2016).