Karen H dropped 8 pant sizes thanks to the 33 Method!

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Karen’s story is so inspiring.




IFUSED WILLPOWER…..That’s how I describe what Dan does with his unique 33 method of hypnosis. I truly believe that everyone KNOWS how to lose weight, but DOING it and sticking with it is the problem. I began at the end of March 2014 after a friend experienced tremendous results with weight loss after joining. My husband began a month later after seeing the dramatic change in my eating habits. We have both lost 50 pounds to date and I can’t say it was extremely difficult. Yes, you have to want it and you have to do your part in watching what you’re eating, but the hypnosis gave me the willpower to make those good decisions without even having to think about it. I began just gravitating toward healthy foods and drinking lots of water. I now track nutrition through a free app (MyFitnessPal) just to be more aware of exactly what I’m eating because I want to, not because I have to. The weight loss is great because I do look better, but the real benefit is I feel so much better! I was in a size 18 pant when I started and just bought a new suit yesterday, size 10! Thank you Dan!!