Overcoming Procrastination with Hypnosis

“Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”

-Benjamin Franklin

Yes, we’ve all heard this saying before but the truth is we’ve all put something off at one time or another.

Have you ever wondered why? On the surface it seems like you really want the outcome that this action could bring you (even if it’s only to get it checked off your “to do” list). But for some maddening reason, you just can’t get yourself to take action.

The truth is it may actually be one or any combination of the following:

  1. Focusing on one portion of the project you don’t like
  2. Anxiety in general
  3. Fear of failure
  4. Fear of success
  5. Lack of confidence
  6. Lack of concentration
  7. Inability to organize the project into manageable tasks
  8. Belief that you will never complete the task

So now you know the possible reason(s) that you’re procrastinating. Where do you go from there?

Hypnosis is a wonderful choice for this type of challenge.

Here’s why:

The characteristics of the human mind can be put into two categories: the conscious and the unconscious.

The conscious mind is where we live. It is analytical, logical, and based in critical thinking. The unconscious mind, however, is a problem solver. It is very literal and if it sees us as being uncomfortable at the thought of taking action, procrastination may kick in.

Hypnosis detours the analytical conscious mind and may be helpful in presenting our unconscious mind with updated user-friendly information. In a sense hypnosis reprograms the unconscious mind using the tools it understands: pattern, association, and metaphor.

Armed with this new found information, the subconscious mind is free to make choices that are more productive and satisfying for the individual. Now, when presented with a task that once created anxiety or stress, the unconscious mi8nd can make choices based on its new found information patterns and formulate a plan to move forward productively!


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