Weight Loss by Memorial Day with Hypnosis

It’s true! By Memorial Day you really could be well on your way to an appreciable amount of weight loss!

In Holiday Weight Loss with Hypnosis there were many studies listed that validated the successful use of hypnosis in achieving weight loss. And our following post gave a much more in-depth look at what hypnosis can do for your weight loss goals. For example, just imagine being thirty times more effective in losing weight and having continued success even after two years!

It’s incredible, isn’t it? And not only will hypnosis help you attain your weight loss goals but it can actually become an effortless process too.

Here’s something else you might want to take into consideration. In January of 2005 Tufts-New England Medical Center published an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association documenting a study in which it was found that the type of diet you follow isn’t as important as actually following the diet.

During this one-year study160 people were split into four groups. Each group followed one of four diet plans:

  1. Weight Watchers (low calorie)
  2. The Zone Diet (low glycemic index)
  3. The Ornish Diet (low fat)
  4. The Atkins Diet (low carb)

In the final outcome, it was found that while each one of these diets actually worked (when the participants stayed on them), less than 25 % of the individuals stayed on their diet plan for the full year!

So, what does hypnosis have to do with weight loss? Very simply put, hypnosis is a relaxed state of focused attention. It can help to change both psychological and physiological patterns that willpower alone just can’t alter. Hypnosis then, is a powerful tool when it comes to altering patterns that stand in the way of you staying on your diet and ultimately achieving your weight loss goals.


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