Why Hypnotherapy Works for Weight Loss

By this time, you’re probably pretty much convinced that hypnosis can work with you in successfully achieving weight loss. Ever wonder how it works?

Hypnosis not only works on your behavioral patterns and unconscious behavior, but your feelings as well. Think about it. Wouldn’t you rather feel that you want to eat healthy food instead of thinking you have to? Skillfully used, hypnosis can help people to effortlessly feel like making more beneficial choices without feeling dissatisfied. This doesn’t mean you’ll never have to use willpower, but the process can certainly become easier.

In essence, hypnosis works to retrain the brain and as a matter of fact, a connection has been found between treatment time and results, indicating that the results due to hypnosis can be magnified and extended over time. This has proven hypnosis to be an extremely effective tool in the area of weight loss maintenance as well.

Here are some great methods that may be used during your hypnosis sessions that can be helpful in your weight loss endeavors:

Inciting a desire to eat healthy

Increasing fat-burning metabolism

Applying metaphors to inspire change

Proposing positive visualizations

Suggestions to focus on health and positive change

Focusing on the differences between healthy and unhealthy (processed carbs, sugars, chemically altered) foods

Using disassociation in which the unconscious mind is directed to work with the body despite the conscious mind’s patterns

Employing disassociation to allow the individual to see their future self: slim, healthy, and happy

Basically, hypnosis works for weight loss because over time the way you view food on a subconscious level is subtly and consistently changed without any feelings of deprivation or dissatisfaction.

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